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Schwab, Frank; Hennighausen, Christine; Adler, Dorothea C; Carolus, Astrid: Television Is Still “Easy” and Print Is Still “Tough”? More Than 30 Years of Research on the Amount of Invested Mental Effort. Frontiers in Psychology, 9 (1098), S. 1-17, 2018, ISBN: 1664-1078. (Typ: Artikel | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: AIME, amount of invested mental effort, content cluster, content-analysis, literature review) CC BY 4.0
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Khalil, Mohammad; Wong, Jacqueline; de Koning, Björn; Ebner, Martin; Paas, Fred: Gamification in MOOCs: A Review of the State of the Art (Draft). Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference, S. 1635–1644, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spains, 2018. (Typ: Inproceedings | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Schlagwörter: A, gamification, literature review, massive open online courses (MOOCs)) Copyright
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